Write for or Work With RDR


I’m currently recruiting writers and reviewers.  I currently get about a dozen books submitted for review per week which is far too many books for me to handle on my own. I would like to bring on two reviewers that can review at least one book a month. There is no pay at this time but you will get free books. Contact me at mike@realdeadreview/com for more details.

Syndication Partners

I would like to provide more great content on RDR but lack the additional time to do it. If you would be interested in allowing RDR to syndicate posts from your blog or if you’d like to do a guest post, contact me. Terms are whatever you want. If you want to repost reviews from RDR to your site, you have my permission so long as you give RDR credit and link to RDR in the post. We would do the same with any syndicated posts.