Review Policy

Real Dead Reviews strives to provide insightful and fair reviews that help inform readers and also to assist authors in getting the word out about their work. With that in mind, we provide honest and fair reviews  whether or not we get the book for free or if we know the author. If you send us a copy of a book or DVD/Blu-Ray, we do not promise a positive review.

What do we review?

Just about anything, but here’s a listing of things we do and don’t accept:


  • Horror or Dark Fiction & Movies, this includes any other genre with  dark elements grafted on like dark fantasy or dark thrillers…ect. This is really our specialty.
  • Novels/Novellas
  • Anthologies
  • Short Story Collections
  • Comics
  • Audio Dramas
  • Non-fiction horror related books

Not Accepted (Please do not send):

  • Any clearly racist, sexist or hateful items. This isn’t to say this can’t be part of the story but it cannot promote these views as real-world views.
  • Short stories (single)
  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Porn
  • Fan fiction

What we do if we don’t like the book

Sometimes we do get books that we really…fucking really, dislike, hate or just think isn’t professional grade work. These are the books that get less than two stars on scale up to five. Part of what we do here is to provide a service to authors and we don’t want to crush a new author with a horrible review. For this reason, we typically will not post a review of a particularly poor book and instead will send the author/publisher a notice. In the notice, we will lay out why we didn’t like the book and any suggestions we would have to make it better.

We want to encourage authors to submit their books for review and provide them something of value even if we don’t like the book. We also recognize that sometimes we just don’t get what the author was trying to do and that some things are just not going to appeal to us. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if the reviews posted here tend to be on the positive side, we only accept books we think we will like to some degree and don’t post the exceptionally bad ones. We are not in the business of trying to shame authors because we’re not qualified for that job.

Turn-around Time

We do our best to get all reviews out within a month of receiving the book, most of the time it’s within two weeks. If the timing of the review matters to you, be sure to mention so in your request. We do prioritize by which books we want to read first unless there is a request to get one done faster.

Where We Post Our Reviews

Real Dead Review maintains Twitter, and Goodreads accounts. We have over 500 fans combined between these accounts and the majority are targeted horror/dark fiction fans.  We are also an Amazon Vine Voice and post reviews to our account there as well. We are open to posting elsewhere if requested.

How to Arrange for a Review

There are two methods of obtaining a review:

#1- Contact us via email at, this is a good time to note how quickly you need the review.

#2- Send the book blindly to the email above.

Sending the book blindly doesn’t guarantee a review, if you contact us prior via email or twitter we guarantee your book will be reviewed if the book is provided for free and not part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

Kindle Unlimited

Real Dead Review has access to all Kindle Unlimited books if your book is part of the program simply tell us that in your request and we’ll download it directly from Amazon. This way you get credit for us reading it if we, in fact, read it.

Formats Accepted

We prefer ebook in Kindle-friendly formats but will accept EPUB or print.  Real Dead Review can convert EPUB to Kindle format, let us know if you’d like a Kindle copy emailed to you. For movies, we will accept DVD/Blu-ray or digital format.  We are located in the United States so keep that in mind if you’d like to forward a print copy. We gladly accept printed copies, ARC…ect, just contact us our mailing address.