The One Who Lies Next to You by Russell Coy

The One Who Lies Next to You by Russell Coy Book Cover The One Who Lies Next to You by Russell Coy
Russell Coy
Grinning Skull Press

When Angie Berg suspects her husband is having an affair, it has an impact on every aspect of her life. Confiding in her boss, Angie learns Carol's husband had also been unfaithful, and it was the reason for their divorce. Carol wants to help Angie get to the truth, and she has the means to do so --- a handmade Amish quilt. Thinking her boss has gone off the deep end, Angie accepts the gift in the spirit in which it had been intended.

Later that night, still plagued with doubts, Angie figures there's no harm in throwing the quilt on the bed. What does she have to lose? What she discovers is worse than she imagined, and now Angie finds herself in mortal peril as she tries to figure out what to do next.

The One Who Lies Next to You by Russell Coy is a novelette that revolves around a woman who suspects her husband is being unfaithful but finds that there is a darker motive. It starts with the protagonist having the sort of meltdown at work we’ve all had and gets darker from there.  Initially, I thought it was going to be a haunted object story but, in fact, the quilt in the story isn’t haunt but interesting in another manner.

From reading the dedication in the book ,this is Coy’s first go at a work longer than a short story and I think with that in mind it is a very good first attempt. The prose is solid, the plot and pacing are good and there are no notable flaws int writing or story.

The story itself is very good, Coy manages to effectively suck in the reader as bits of plot unravel bit by bit. I spend the early parts of the book wondering where “horror” was or where this was going. Eventually, there was  a point where the veil is lifted and it shifts clearly into horror.

This is the first piece that I’ve read that was published by Grinning Skill Press but I was pleasantly surprised. In the end, The One Who Lies Next to You isn’t going to bring you something completely new. It will bring you an hour or two of  horror in a new and promising author’s voice.

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