Movie Review: Bryan Smith’s 68 Kill

I don’t do many movie reviews but when I heard that Bryan Smith‘s excellent novel “68 Kill” was being made into a film, I was all in. You can read my review of the book and see that I loved the book.  I was expecting to be let down because most of the films based on horror novels I loved ended up being either terrible. I’m happy to report that this is not the case for 68 Kill! Not only is it true to the book but it is a very well made film with strong acting.

Bryan Smith’s “68 Kill”

I’m skipping commenting on the plot/story in detail given that the film and book and similar. If you want the summary of the plot, read my book review linked above.

68 Kill is directed by Trent Haaga who is most known for his work on the fourth film in the Toxic Avenger franchise. 68 Kill is only Haaga’s second directing credit. Haaga’s many years of film work show up on screen resulting in a much more polished film than I expected.

The acting was spot on for the characters when comparing to the book. When it was announced that Matthew Gray Gubler was going to play Chip the first thought in my mind was “Fucking Perfect!”.  Chip is a flawed patsy who grows a pair and Gubler played that role very well.  My only worry with Gubler was that too much of Dr. Spencer Reid would come out in Chip but Chip was distinctly Chip from the novel.

AnnaLynne McCord plays Liza and going into the film I wasn’t sure what to expect. From a looks point of view, she fits fairly close to what I would have expected. Some may criticize McCord’s acting as over the top or cheesy and perhaps the whole cast could be labeled this way. This may come from having a complete lack of understanding of the book/film. 68 Kill is Trailer Park Noir. McCord plays Liza, in the light of Trailer Park Noir, extremely well.  McCord really plays the crazy bitch role well, rolling every crazy girlfriend you ever had and a sociopath into one.

Alisha Boe, most notable for 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, plays Violet and does a solid job in the role. My impression of Violet from the book is she was a bit tougher and I pictured older than in the film. The action was good and I have no real complaints but Boe just didn’t strike me being as good in her role as McCord and Gubler but she is much younger.

Overall Impression

Bryan Smith has a style an “I Don’t Give A Fuck” sort of style and typically features an entertaining and frightening host of degenerate characters. 68 Kill in film form captures that style pretty damn well and if you are a fan of Bryan Smith or anyone like him you will not be disappointed with this movie.

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