Monster Hunter for Hire by Derek M. Koch

Monster Hunter for Hire (Supernatural Solutions: The Marc Temple Casefiles - Volume 1)
Supernatural Solutions: The Marc Temple Casefiles
Derek M. Koch
Monster Kid Radio
March 22, 2019

Vampires. Werewolves. Zombies. Yes, these things are real, but fortunately for those who can afford him, so is Marc Temple. And he's good. Real good. He's a former FBI agent turned freelancer with the knowledge and skills to eliminate your monster problems. And his rates are negotiable.

This is a good collection of short stories featuring Marc Temple and mercenary monster hunter. If you like Vampires, werewolves, and monsters, in general, this may be a book worth checking out. Also if you are a fan of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Series you will also like this, I think. The difference between this collection and Correia’s series is that Koch doesn’t spend as much effort or time on the technical side of weaponry. I don’t mention this difference as a criticism of either, it’s a matter of taste but one that’s important to some.

From a story and writing point of view, it’s a very solid effort on both. Outside of a few typos, the editing seems solid, which I know is important to many readers. Essentially all the stories follow Marc on one of his cases. They do not seem connected for the most part. Personally, I would have enjoyed if there was perhaps more connection from one story to the next. However, I understand that some stories were written for publication in various magazines/collections and likely over a long period of time. Perhaps a Marc Temple novel is in order?

Either way, it was an enjoyable read from an author I’ve never read before and I’m always happy to add another author to my “would read again” list.

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