Kindle Unlimited Spotlight: 68 Kill by Bryan Smith

68 Kill Book Cover 68 Kill
Bryan Smith
Suspense fiction
June 27, 2013

It started with a couple dead bodies and $68,000 in stolen cash.Chip Taylor's girlfriend Liza had the perfect plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. It should have been an easy in and out kind of deal. Nobody would get hurt and they would come out of it with enough loot to solve their problems. But things started going wrong as soon as they were inside the rich man's house, and for Chip it was only the beginning of the longest, most terrifying ride of his life.

68 Kill by Bryan Smith is currently available under the Kindle Unlimited program for free and this review was not requested by the author, agent or publisher.

69kill68 Kill starts out with the protagonist (Chip) playing the role of tag-along with is girlfriend (Liza) in a robbery of an elderly couple. Things go wrong when Chip is suddenly aware that the plan is more sinister than he thought. From there the story devolves into some pretty evil  and demented events. Chip both fears and loves Liza, Liza is a sociopath and Chip himself is perhaps a little more “off” than he thinks.

Bryan Smith is one of the top authors in a loaded genre and 68 Kill is just another bullet in the chamber.  I found myself cheering for Chip but also disgusted by the guy at the same time. Liza is one of the coldest and demented female characters I’ve read in quite some time.

Comparisons to this book are hard to come up with but it’s a little Grand Theft Auto, with a heavy dose of Richard Laymon style violence.  The pacing is fast, the imagery disturbing and impression lasting. I don’t know where I would place this book among Smith’s works but this is an excellent read but maybe just a little below Slowly We Rot for the favorite book on my list.

If you are a fan of extreme horror or dark crime, 68 Kill will be a great read for you but be ready for graphic violence and sex scenes.

A side note: There is currently a movie based on this book in post production, Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds fame will play Chip. There isn’t much out there about this movie yet but I’m excited to see the movie and think Gubler should play Chip great!

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