Highwayman by Craig Saunders

Highwayman by Craig Saunders is a frightening, folklore based novel that will waylay your nerves from the start. The novel follows Karl as he observes a strange occurrence involving a fatal accident. Years later he again encounters the same strange occurrence and a personal tragedy.  Karl then become wrapped up in a struggle with the Highwayman.

Highwayman by Craig Saunders

The book is steeped in folklore which happens to be something I like very much. If you are a fan of old English folklore you will recognize some of the things that happen in the book. I’m no expert in English folklore but have read enough to know the significance of the happenings in the book.

The prose that Saunders employs works great to get the “dream world” feel to the novel. While reading it, I almost felt like I was in a dream world myself. Highwayman is very dark, very eerie which is exactly how it should read. The whole book leaves you questioning what happens when you die.

The characters are all well done. Just enough depth to make them matter to the reader but not hitting them over the head with info dumps. The protagonist “Highwayman” is vile, disgusting and utterly terrifying. Imke, is lovable and tough. ¬†Karl has a heart of gold but is flawed. Each character is done just right for this story.


If you like horror and folklore, Highwayman is a great mashup of the two. It blends elements of both to make a great read with no major drawbacks. If I had any criticism, it would be that there was a slower part of the book between about 20-40% or so but the payoff was well worth it. I don’t have any idea where this will fall on my best of list for 2017 but Highwayman was an entertaining read that won’t disappoint many.

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