Death Gets A Book by Frank Edler

Death Gets a Book Book Cover Death Gets a Book
Frank Edler
October 27, 2016

Death Gets A Book and now you do too!

Death Gets a Book by Frank Edler is bizarre, no doubt. Any story that starts with a Tijuana Donkey Show is bound to go the direction of bizzaro.  Then we move on from the donkey show, to learning what life is for Death. Not only are we fallowing the story of Death but a particularly poor one at that. What ensues is hilarious adventure with Death as he learns the ropes of his trade.

Death Gets a Book by Frank Edler

I’m relatively new to the bizzaro fiction world but I’ve become a huge fan. I think what separates Bizzaro from other fiction is that there is zero attempt to suspend anyone’s disbelief. Bizzaro often mashes several genres together with some level of absurdity, sexuality or violence (maybe all three). I don’t pretend to be an expert on Bizzaro, but this is how I would define it. Death Gets a Book is probably more on the absurdity side but has elements of the violence and sex.

I think the strength in the book is that humorous. Surprisingly, give it starts with a donkey show, the book isn’t all that raunchy which is a plus or minus depending on your preference. So, most of the humor is just all the horrible stuff that happens to Death and how terrible he is at being a Death. By the end of the book you are cheering for Death!

Death has a boss, Death’s job sucks too, and Death has relationship problems. Edler won me over with Deaths driving around in a Gravedigger monster truck and Death having to sit on the crapper to think as well.


It’s really hard to judge a book like this based on the same things as regular old horror. It’s supposed to be absurd. It’s supposed to be goofy. It’s not supposed to make you believe anything. So, when I read a bizzaro novel I tend to just think about the feeling I get when reading it. I had a smile on my face the whole time and laughed some as well. In my book, that’s a good read.

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