Corpse Rider Book Cover Corpse Rider
Tim Curran

Christina is young, pretty and very alone. Her relationships seem cursed, each one turning to slow poison. Then one perfectly ordinary day, as an act of kindness, she pulls some weeds from an old derelict grave.

Now she's no longer alone.

For what has laid down in the cold black earth for decades has attached itself to her.

For it, she will be the perfect wife and, God help her, the perfect mother.

Over the years Tim Curran has become one of the best horror authors. Corpse Rider is another great read from an author that should be considered in the same light as the top authors in horror. Corpse Rider isn’t a new concept, there have been other books with a similar theme but Curran’s voice makes it unique.

Corpse Rider by Tim Curran

I love novellas and many people think that it’s the perfect form for a horror story. In novella length, the author only needs the most interesting and terrifying pieces and doesn’t wander off on multiple subplots. The plot of Corpse Rider works perfectly in  novella length and the pacing is great as s result.

The story starts out with Christina ( the protagonist) visiting the grave of her mother when she makes contact with another gravestone and a stranger holding something close in the nook of his arm, “So kind. So caring. What a fine mother you shall be.”.  Her life isn’t the same after that.  Christina’s well-meaning friend, Nancy, attempts to help after noticing her strange behavior but the burden is Christina’s alone.  From that point, the book gets darker and darker and the descriptions more vivid and terrifying. Dark family secrets, strange happenings, and strange people make up the bulk of this great read. Click To Tweet

Corpse Rider has a solid modern Lovecraftian bend to it and will not disappoint those that love works of that influence.  At this point, I’m still dumbfounded that Curran hasn’t won or even been nominated for any major awards (that I’m aware of). Perhaps Corpse Rider will be the first one to get enough attention to garner at least a nomination.


If you don’t like creepy little things, dark secrets and vivid prose you should look elsewhere for your thrills. If a Lovecraftian bend on creeping dread  turns you on, then Corpse Rider by Tim Curran is the book to buy.  Best of all, and with many of the great Dark Fuse titles, you can read this terrifying little ditty for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription or pay a small $2.99 for a big fright.

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