Real Dead Review’s Bloody Good Horror Finds

Bloody Good Finds are Real Dead Review‘s way of spreading around the interesting horror related items (bodies..ect) that I stumble across from time to time. Sometimes this may be simply a link to a cool website we came across or movie we watched on Netflix or Amazon or it could be podcasts and audio dramas. Some of these are brand new things and others are just new to me. Now that I’ve explained myself, here are som Bloody Good Finds:

Small Town Horror

Small Town Horror is a found footage audio drama set in the fictional Northern Minnesota town of Crayton . The protagonist, Ryan Jennings, has a horrifying experience while playing “The Sinner’s Game”, a local legend. Soon after he leaves town and is gone for more than 18 years before returning to settle his late father’s estate. Upon his return, strange things begin to happen and Ryan is compelled to investigate.

The format of the show is Jennings recording logs detailing his investigation and then posting them on the internet as podcasts, to let people know what’s happening in Crayton.  Creator, Jon Grilz was recently interviewed on This Is Horror (great podcast/website) and admitted that he does get questions as to whether or not this is a real ongoing event but he assures us that Crayton and the story are fictional.

I was pleasantly surprised by the audio quality and the voice acting skills of all of the characters. Do not mistake this to be an audiobook, this is much more pleasing to the ears. You can hear the keys jingling when he opens the door,  he’s doing it in the story you can hear it just like you would if you were there.

If you are as voracious as I am in consuming audio and haven’t listened to Small Town Horrors, you need to unfuck that. This is seriously good horror, particularly if you are a fan of found footage horror like The Blair Witch Project. Small Town Horror is just starting season two so go download them all and catch up!


Limetown is another high-quality horror audio drama like Small Town Horror. Limetown isn’t found footage though but more in the format of the true crime podcast “Serial”. This one is, of course, fictional. The story follows American Public Radio reporter Lia Haddock in her investigation into  the disappearance of the entire population of a town. Like Small Town Horror the audio and voice acting quality are outstanding.

Limetown is currently on hiatus due to ongoing talks about a TV/Movie deal based on the audio drama. The creators are quick to indicate that they plan to do more episodes of the audio drama but there is no ETA at this point.



You won’t find me in the theater often but I love Netflix and Amazon and every once in a while I find a gem. Hush is one of those gems. Maddie Young (Kate Siegel) is an author who happens to be deaf who is stalked by an unknown murderous man. I tend to avoid spoilers in my reviews so they tend to be on the short side.

Is this yet another slasher movie? YES! I know, slasher movies are pretty lame at this point since it has been done so many times before. This one has a different bend on it, the inclusion of a deaf protagonist brings more that’s different to the movie than one would expect. Also, unlike many slasher movies the antagonist isn’t made to be some sort of superhuman that can’t be killed and there’s really nothing mysterious about him. Simply put, the antagonist is a psychopath, nothing less and nothing more.

Overall, the acting was good, the video quality was good and the plot and pacing were very good for this type of film. If you have Netflix, give it a play!

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