Audio Drama: Darkwater Bride

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to any of the Audible Originals, audio dramas, you’re missing out. These are not just mere audiobooks, they’re highly produced, high-quality audio dramas with excellent voice acting.

Every month Audible members get a selection of Audible Originals they get in addition to their credits. Typically there are six to choose from and you get to choose two. Most months there are at least one audio drama among the selections.

This month we got a creepy option in Darkwater Bride.

The story starts out with a business man found dead in the river Themes. His daughter is told it was a suicide but she couldn’t believe it so travels to London to find out what happened to her father. Some uncomfortable truths and a local legend are revealed as the plot unfolds.

Darkwater Bride Review:

I love audiobooks but always enjoyed the occasional audio drama when I had the chance to listen to one. There’s just something that pulls you in to a good drama when there are sound effects and voice acting opposed to simply reading.

The story is very creepy, exploring the underbelly of London and it’s a dark dirty underbelly at that. This isn’t something for someone who is sensitive to sex and violence, there is quite a lot of both in it. In fact, most of the criticism I’ve seen about Darkwater Bride is the amount of sex and violence. I find it strange that this is the primary complaint about a story that explores the seedy, dark sides of the world.

There is certainly plenty of violence and sex but there’s also a good amount of intrigue, fright and suspense. Even a bit of rommance! This may disturb you, may upset you and might frighten you. But isn’t that what good horror is all about?

Overall the performances were all very good and convincing. The legend of the Darkwater Bride is fully explained , so no worries you won’t be left hanging.


If you have an Audible subscription and love creepy stuff, download this one and start listening, you’ll love it. Consider signing up for a free trial, would be worth it just to listen to this one!

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