Ashes of Another Life by Lindsey Beth Goddard

Ashes of Another Life Book Cover Ashes of Another Life
Lindsey Beth Goddard
Psychological Thriller/Horror
Omnium Gatherum

When Tara Jane Brewer leaves her polygamous community behind after her family dies in a tragic house fire, she is plagued by ghastly images of death. Hunted by a member of the church who plans to bring her home to Sweet Springs at any cost, Tara Jane must fight to keep her freedom. But everywhere she goes, she sees the charred faces of her burned family, watching her, following her, all thirty-four of them, waiting for her to come home and resume her place in the family.

Ashes of Another Life by Lindsey Beth Goddard is perfect for spending an evening in your favorite reading chair. The story follows Tara Jane, a teen girl who was rescued from a polygamist fundamentalist (it would seem) community after a massive fire that kills most of her family. Perfect setup for some creepy action and Goddard delivers on the promise.

Ashes of Another Life by Lindsey Beth Goddard

A large portion of the story revolves around Tara Jane’s flashbacks, dreams and PTSD symptoms from the fire, and many times it is very compelling. However, at times these interludes are so frequent that it can be difficult to follow. The upside here is that Goddard has a talent with imagery, you almost feel like you’re there with Tara Jane in these episodes. There are a lot of interludes but the plot moves along and something else comes along that’s dark and of ill intent.

Perfect setup for some creepy action and Goddard delivers on the promise. Click To Tweet

I enjoyed the different take on a supernatural (sort of, but maybe more psychological?) thriller. Mary Jane’s background instantly brought images of Waco Texas and David Koresh. Tara Jane’s father, particularly, seems to be of the David Koresh ilk. Another feather in the author’s cap, the depiction of PTSD. From what I’ve read and people I know who have dealt with PTSD, Goddard made a pretty realistic play on it.

For a first book, Ashes of Another Life stands out as a success and perhaps will be the beginning of the career of another talented novelist. Goddard is an experienced writer with several published pieces of short fiction and now a novella. A full length novel next? I hope so.


Where does this book fit? Well, I’m not sure it’s horror and not sure if it is a paranormal thriller. I almost certain it fits in psychological thriller realm and have no doubts that it fits in the “great reads” category. Best yet, this great read can be had for free if you have Kindle Unlimited but still well worth paying $2.99 for an entertaining evening read.

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