About RDR

Real Dead Review was established in 2016 as an outlet for horror fiction and media reviews. We here at RDR feel that the genre of dark fiction (horror) is underserved. Our way of promoting the genre is through reviewing fiction, movies, and audio media as well as interesting articles highlighting the best and biggest in the field.


Michael Crow


I started Real Dead Review as a place to post my thoughts on the books and movies that happened to mostly be of the dark variety. I started in horror when I viewed Night of the Living Dead (original version) as an eight-year-old. My mother and some of her friends rented Night of the Living Dead on VHS  that night and  being a night owl I woke up in the middle of the night. Movies were something I enjoyed early in his life and often woke at odd hours and watched movies while  Mom was asleep. On this particular night, my mother just happened to have left the Night of the Living Dead tape out.

Needless to say, my life was changed. Not only was I terrified by the movie but we lived next to a graveyard, so there were many a sleepless night going forward. Growing up I also was a fan of the Halloween, Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other 80’s horror franchises.

During 80’s and 90’s I was a reader but not so much a reader of dark fiction, that change didn’t come until I discovered the Leisure Horror line of books. Sure, before I found Leisure Horror I read the big names like Stephen King and Dean Koontz but I wasn’t the voracious reader of dark fiction that I am now. The transition from horror movie aficionado and casual horror reader happened when I picked up  a copy of Brian Keene‘s “The Rising” from my local Barnes & Noble sometime around 2004. After reading and loving The Rising I quickly built a Leisure Horror collection. So, much of my early exposure to horror fiction were authors like Brian Keene, Ray Garton, Richard Laymon, Edward Lee, Tim Lebbon, Bryan Smith, and J.F. Gonzalez to name a few.

I have had paid positions with The Guillotine (wrestling magazine) and Intermat and have written about sports for Fansided and Last Word On Sports. I have been reviewing books for well over a decade for various websites including audiobookreviews.com.  I particularly enjoy reading books from the big names in horror as well as small indie publishers and self-published authors.